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Weight Loss/Nutritional/Health Consultations

General ​Consultations can be done in person or over the phone


  • Consultations are done by the minute at $1.50 per minute 

        (minimum 10 minutes)

30 Minute FREE Nutritional Consultation if you fill out a FREE HIPAA compliant health assessment and then call for an appointment.  Click button below for Health Assessment. 






Weight Loss Consultations


  • Initial visit is $45 for consultation and evaluation. 

  • Individualized Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Programs will then be set up specifically for each individual based on assessments. 





Our weight loss and healthy lifestyle program is designed to re-balance your hormones by giving your body exactly what you need.  Real foods, that are the correct kinds, in the right amounts for your body, and given in the correct combinations.  This program is designed to help your body control insulin, and increase serotonin and hGH (human growth Hormone) levels in the body.  This helps you naturally lose weight by burning fat and build lean muscle mass, improve energy and endurance, tighten and strengthen skin, hair and nails, and increase bone density.    


Call for details and to set up your initial appointment today!! 

Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting Coaching

Scroll down to see how much you know on the Fat Burning IQ Test! 

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